Twelve o clock high leadership styles

The series seeks to explore leadership through the lens of selected movies. I always recommend you watch the movie before reading the analysis so as not to spoil a great movie.

Twelve o clock high leadership styles

The movie is about a general Gregory Peck who takes command of a B squadron that is suffering from bad luck, low morale and high casualties. There are two fundamental principles from the movie that can be applied to leading a social game company: Although admirable, it actually is leading to higher casualties among the flyers.

Twelve o clock high leadership styles

What General Savage does: Train the airmen on what they need to do and set clear goals. They are shown the path to success and the definition of success; Provide challenging missions. With success on these missions, the airmen get a sense of confidence; Let the bomber crews succeed on their own.

Although General Savage leads by example, he often lets others lead missions and help craft tactics. This strategy also leverages all the skills of the team, rather than just the skills of the General. The extension to social gaming is pretty clear but to summarize: Do not let fear dominate The other great takeaway from the movie that applies to leadership in our space is not to let your team get overcome by fear.

In one of the classic scenes of the movie, General Savage remarks: But stop worrying about it, and about yourselves.

Forget about going home. We read stories almost every day of dire situations in the industry, with companies such as OnLive, 38 Studios, Zynga and Radical.

Although in no way would I try to equate this situation with what bomber pilots had to face, it is easy for people in the game industry to become equally as fatalistic.

Once this attitude sets in, it often leads to sub-optimal performance as people stress more about the industry and less about getting the job done. You need to ensure your team does not focus on the challenges of the game industry and instead is dedicated to achieving its goals.

Again, without trivializing what daylight bomber crews went through in WWII facing death every mission shows that creating social games is not nearly the life-changing activity so many people in the industry think it isthe movie highlights two very fundamental elements of leadership.Leadership lessons from Twelve O’Clock High I recently watched the classic World War II film Twelve O’Clock High because a former colleague, whom I respect highly, mentioned on Quora that it had better leadership lessons than any business book.

Twelve O'Clock High Proven Principles of Intelligent, Effective Leadership Featuring the classic film, Twelve O’Clock High, this interactive workshop uses 17 scenes as the backdrop for powerful leadership lessons.

Date: 12/01/ Film: Twelve O’Clock High Individual: General Savage Group/Team: th Bomb Group B17 Aviators Organization: th Bomb Group Army Air Corp “Twelve O’Clock High” has stood the test of time for over 50 years as an in-depth look of leadership in adversity.

In this episode of 12 O’Clock High, a podcast on business leadership, Richard Lummis and myself consider what lessons might be learned from the presidency of Franklin Pierce, who succeeded Millard Fillmore to become our country’s 14th President.

Command and Control leadership gets bad press but all leadership styles are effective in different contexts. A command and control style is effective in situations of extreme emergency, “burning platform” scenarios and crisis. Twelve 0’Clock High is exactly such a scenario.

It is the story of US flying squadron based in England during World War II. Apr 11,  · Through juxtaposing the leaderships styles of Colonel Davenport and Brigadier General Frank Savage, 12 O’clock High explored what it meant .

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