Professional resume writing services houston texas

Career Services can help you get started as early as your first year at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Career Services professionals can provide crucial guidance with integrating the skills and experience you acquire at UHCL into your pursuit of a fulfilling career. Additionally, we can help you understand how your interests, values, goals and strengths greatly impact your career decision-making process and career readiness. If you would like to meet with a career counselor, you can make an appointment by calling our office.

Professional resume writing services houston texas

It depends on the employer. Most of our employers use an electronic, online time sheet system called eConnect, however, some employers still use paper time sheets. Your recruiter will discuss with you how you will track your time.

How do I register with eConnect? You will receive a welcome letter from eConnect, prompting you to set up a username and password so you can access your time sheets. Where can I find my pay stub history? If you already use eConnect to submit your time sheets, you can access your pay stub history by logging into eConnect and clicking Check History on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you use manual time sheets, give us a call and we can send you a link to register with eConnect.

professional resume writing services houston texas

Once you register, your check history will be available to view. What forms of payment do you offer? Employees have the option of selecting direct deposit or cash card to receive their paycheck. When do I get paid? Our employees who have selected to enroll in direct deposit will be paid every Thursday.

For those who elect to have their paycheck delivered by cash card, these will be issued and mailed out on Thursday afternoon, or they can be picked up at our corporate office. How do I submit a time sheet? All employees on eConnect will submit their time sheet through the online system.

This will notify the designated supervisor at your place of employment that your time sheet has been submitted and is awaiting their approval.

professional resume writing services houston texas

If you are using manual time sheets, these may be submitted via mail, scanned in and emailed, or dropped off at our corporate office. When will my supervisor receive my time sheet? Who do I contact if there is a mistake or an issue with my time sheet?

If you already submitted your time sheet, contact our Payroll Administrator directly with any corrections that need to be made. How do I change my eConnect password?

If you forgot your eConnect password, simply click on the reset password link. If you want to update your password once already logged into eConnect, click on the Change Password link located on the left-hand side of the webpage.

If my supervisor goes on vacation, how will my time sheet get approved? Normally, most supervisors will designate a backup to approve time sheets in their absence. If you are unsure who to submit your time sheet to, contact our Payroll Administrator for more information.

Who do I contact if I need to change my form of payment or update my account information Contact our Payroll Administrator to update this information. Who do I contact to make changes to my benefits? If you would like a copy of your insurance enrollment, need to cancel or update your insurance coverage, please contact our Payroll Administrator.

Unfortunately, our clients do not give hourly, temporary workers paid time off.Information. Job seekers can find their way to employment through the local network of Workforce Solutions Alamo Career Centers, which offer a wide array of no-cost workforce services.

Resume Writing Services from Houston, Texas First of all, let’s get your resume “on target” with eye-catching, market branding highlighting portable hard skills, soft skills, and professional achievements pertinent to the new career.

YPE Houston Leadership. Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) is a non-profit organization with more than 10, members in its Houston Chapter. By providing a forum for networking and career development through social, educational and civic service opportunities, YPE aims to facilitate the advancement of young professionals in the global energy industry.

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Your success matters to us, and you’ll be more successful at San Jacinto College when you start in the right classes. San Jacinto College offers and administers the TSI-A exam to determine your college readiness levels in math, reading and writing.

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.

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