Panggagaya ng mga pilipino sa koreano

When I wrote the original article, I thought it was only in one particular site, Cineasiaenlinea. One can see the pattern:

Panggagaya ng mga pilipino sa koreano

The Uncanny Ways of a Woman by Alren Aure During the past few days, I have experienced what I could say as the zenith of a woman's erratic instinct that is essential for her survival. Sly, witty, devious, are of the few words which I can use to describe this naturally occurring phenomenon.

You might as well say I'm exaggerating in terms of the words I use in this introduction, In discussing these elements that contribute to a woman's predisposition as the world's most devious creature of all, it is a must to accentuate the things that we, Men, should be cautious of.

As what I have experienced suggests, these sly creatures that lurk on the face of the earth are not fully aware of their evil deeds. Men are weak against physical contact and women instinctively act to abuse this weakness.

Although fat women have a larger surface area for physical contact, men only enjoy physical contact with an attractive woman. With this, the man will provide ways and muster ideas that would result to more contact. And therefore; will provide the woman with what she wants.

We can assume that the more contact, the better for men, and more gifts and favors are best for women. It is a mutual relationship then.

Equivalent trade as it is. As to my case, I always end up a victim of this repetitive phenomenon. Or I just want to enjoy these worldly things. Violent reactions from my friends shall be entertained as well. Now I wonder how evil women can be. As expected, my research yield interesting results. Nursing seems to haunt me as one of the ranked female is apparently, a pediatric nurse.

Her atrocities involved pediatric patients. The one that first caught my attention was ranked number 6. She was born in November 11, in Selbu, Norway.

This Norwegian Amazon stands about 6 feet tall and is said to have killed her suitors, boyfriends, husbands, as well as children. It is said that she did this all for greed of wealth.


She has an interesting life actually which urged me to read more of her. According to history her evil deeds were discovered after rumors spread about her occult endeavors. Her high social status saved her from severe punishment and death.

She was therefore sentenced with house arrest and was kept in a single room until her death. Another woman, who has this sly and devious aura which made her a famous American pop folklore, is Bonnie Elizabeth Parker.

Her appeal is unfading and was accentuated by photos that police discovered in their hideouts. This appeal was further upped by the release of the movie Bonnie and Clyde in They died in May, 23 as they were ambushed while driving in a desolate road in Bienville Parish, Louisianna.

Since their deaths, they inspired various films and TV series, musical theaters as well as musical pieces, compositions, and songs. Their story never fails to appeal to the public. Enduring until today, and is a subject to allusion to many other movies, series, as well as anime, Bonnie and Clyde is truly a legend.

And Bonnie Elizabeth Parker is one bad-ass, cigar trotting, sly, devious, and witty hot chick. Clyde had her sticking around for a long time until their deaths. In this modern day, many women had proved their success in various industries and fields.

Whether they attained all their gains with a pure heart or a result of their astute instinct and covert operations, I therefore conclude that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. After all, our first ever prime minister might as well be a woman.

Definitely, bad news for both genders of the Philippines.Mayroong porsyon sa aklat kung saan inilahad ang ilan sa mga sintomas ng pagkakaroon ng kolonyal na mentalidad gaya ng mg sumusunod: Ang pagkakaroon ng mga plastik na mansanas, ubas at peras sa mga hapag tuwing piging. Pagpapa-retoke o pagpapa-ayos ng ilang parte ng katawan gaya ng .

Isang Lalaking Pinapatakan Ng Tubig Sa Tenga Ikinagulat Ng Marami Nang Lumabas Ito Sa Matapos Ang Ilang Saglit.

Panggagaya ng mga pilipino sa koreano

This is a really good policy, only if the Filipinos would take part and actually notice. What happens is, we still let busboys and waiters take our trash and throw it.

Subalit sa paglipas ng panahon unti-unting nakikilala ng mga Pilipino ang K-Pop. Nariyan si Rain na sinasabing unang Koreano na minahal ng mga Pilipino.

Hanggang sa dumating ang taong na sinasabing ang pagsilang ng K-Pop sa bansa. P.M., during commercial breaks, isa sa mga commercial gaps sa sakop ng oras na nabanggit ko ay 2 o 3 TV Ads ang pumasok sa kanila, tapos sa sumunod na gap ay 5 o 6 ang bilang ko sa TV Ads.

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Kaya, bakit maraming mga Pilipino ang nagmamahal sa kanila kahit na hindi wala silang naiintindihan na salita sa lyrics? Sa isang artikulo mula sa The Freeman (sa pamamagitan Philstar), ipinaliwanag ng manunulat na si Sonny Boy Temblor kung bakit ang mga Pilipino ay nabighani sa musikang K-Pop.

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