More human than human

It will also contribute towards good staff retention rates. This is especially crucial in increasing stability within the organisation. It also makes employees identify with the firm and instils a sense of loyalty.

More human than human

Steve Hilton with former boss David Cameron in They do not want to give aid to their enemies or cause distress to their friends, so they avoid the questions that anyone else would ask automatically.

The omissions of Steve Hiltona former adviser to David Cameron, are so easy to attack that the chance to take apart his More Human feels like an invitation to commit a crime against humanity.

More human than human

Hilton bubbles with wide-eyed, gee-whizz infatuations. He has no great theory to interest political philosophers.

If you boil down his arguments, you find platitudes so folksy and banal a Girl Guide leader could repeat them. Big hospitals, big bureaucracies, big governments, big corporations, big banks and big farms ignore the needs of the individual.

No civil servant or politician should propose top-down plans for alleviating poverty unless they have lived with the poor. As the eyelids sag and head slumps towards the chest, all you can mutter is: How very, very true.

To quote the most shameful example, Hilton describes how he took up the theories of Richard H Thaler and Cass R Sunsteinwhich were all the rage a few years ago.

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Cameron agreed and established a Behavioural Insights Team to nudge the unemployed. It found that if staff at jobcentres texted details of vacancies to the unemployed, they achieved little. At no point during this chirpy tale does Hilton mention that Cameron has presided over a welfare system that practises state-sponsored inhumanity.

It stops benefits at random or to meet Whitehall targets and leaves hundreds of thousands so short of money they must beg at food banks.

More human than human

Although he thinks of himself as an independent writer, Hilton lacks the ability to turn on his friends and produce a truthful account of their rule.

But the very incoherence that makes More Human a bad book does not necessarily mean it is offering bad policy.

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Conservatism has become a shrivelled ideology because all its proponents can say is: Hilton has no time for dogmas of the left or, more interestingly, the right.

He has the sense to look at how markets work and is willing to challenge them when they fail. He does not just go for the obvious target of banks that privatise profits and nationalise losses. He writes well on how the food industry has corrupted government into allowing the vast cruelty of factory farming, which surely our grandchildren will regard as one of the worst crimes of our age.

Hilton may be faddish, but he is trying to find empirically tested and workable policies that may make life better. He is clearly, too, a kind man.

The list of his platitudes I gave earlier may be adolescent in their naivety but they remain true or at least the world would be better if they were true.

We should hope that his friends in power take notice of them, for a reason I do not think has sunk in yet.

The left agitprop of the past five years has failed and deservedly so. That they should be rejected for who their parents were?

Just as seriously, by treating Conservatives as an undifferentiated block of class conspirators, the left ignores differences within conservatism.

Hilton offers practical improvements to his former colleagues who will be in power for five, maybe 10 years.Watch video · Na “Ka-Boom” en “Morimos Solamente” is Alex Agnew terug met zijn derde solo-voorstelling “More Human Than Human”.

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