Islam research paper

Towhid means that one Allah entirely is the Creator, Sustainer, and Master of the universe and of all that exists in it- organic or inorganic. He entirely has the right to command or prohibit, and worship and obeisance are due to him entirely.

Islam research paper

I want to find information and learn about the Sunnis and Shih. They are both groups Islam research paper the same religion. My research paper will be about the relationship between the two groups.

I have heard that the Islam research paper are not good at all and would like to know the cause of this. Even though both share the same religion. Also what interests me is the differences between the two religious groups,in their ways of airship,different believes, and different traditions they have.

It is known throughout the world and history that both groups share a history of hatred and fighting between them. They have had many incidents and some types of battles in history.

These incident were very big and caused the hatred and conflict to grow bigger every time. In a way it became a curse that was passed down from generation to generation,from the old to the new and so on.

Both groups share the same religion but are very different, in many ways. They have different ways and views of life.

Islam research paper

Another is they both got extinction ways of worship,traditions and history. What people do not know in the world is that The division between Shih and Sunnis dates back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad, and the question of who was to take over the leadership of the Muslim nation.

This caused the inner conflict and split between the Muslims of the world. In this research would like to find the answers for many questions and curiosity thoughts in my mind. When at the same time they share the religion. To cause this historic conflict and fighting through out history.

Even until present day and time. Also while thinking about this was wondering what events,incident, and fighting throughout history? That caused this hate to grow and live in people till today. But more importantly I want to learn all of this to know how to fix the problem and stop the fighting?

This need to stops so people especially Muslims can live in peace throughout the world and blood stop shedding. Many people might not now know much but this is an important Issue that affects about two billion people around the world. Solving this problem will change a lot of parts of the world and huge amount of lives will live better.

These populations in these very populated countries will be affected the most if a solution is found for this fighting that has been going for centuries.

These giggly populated countries will be to achieve and live in peace with their fellow Sunnis neighbors, who they share the same religion and language with.

This research paper will be in ML style. Because this style is the most suitable for this kind of research and can display this big issue in the best way possible. My goal as In this research paper is simple.

Islam research paper

It is to learn about the Islamic religion, some of its history and past. Also the division of its groups. Self as a Muslim boy do not want to take sides in this issue. Because I have learned that never base your judgments on the past or on what people say.Modern Challenges Paper Islam is a monotheistic religion taking into account disclosures got by the prophet Muhammad in the seventh century A.D., which were later recorded in the Quran (or Koran), Islam 's consecrated content.

In my research I would focus on Prophet Mohammed, meaning of Islam and women in Islam. First, when Prophet Muhammad was born, the Islam light was born with him.

[tags: prphet, meaning, women]. Islam Research Paper. Topics: Islam, Experiencing Islam It is one of the fastest growing religions in the West, with a million Muslim population in American and growing, expected to double by according to USAToday and with an estimated billion following worldwide, Islam is one of the three fastest and powerful growing.

Christianity and Islam are two of the most significant religions since their creation. Islam means "submission" in Arabic, and a Muslim is one who submits to the will of God (Islam page ). Christians were called so because of Jesus' title Christos, which is Greek for Messiah (Christianity page )/5(7).

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