Human resource management mb0043

B Assignment Set -1 60 marks Note: Assignment Set -1 must be written within pages.

Human resource management mb0043

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Answer all the questions. State the characteristics of management. What are the 14 principles of management of Henri Fayol? Distinguish between internal and external forces of change. Explain the different leadership styles as per Managerial — Leadership Grid Theory. He is having a meeting with Ms.

Human resource management mb0043

Rejani Chandran leading HR consultant. Suresh is concerned about creating an environment that helps in increasing the job satisfaction amongst employees. Assume that you are Ms.

Rejani, the HR consultant. What suggestions you will give to Mr. Suresh, for creating an environment that increases job satisfaction? B Assignment Set- 2 60 Marks Note: Describe the bases of power. What are the hindrances that we face in perception?

What are the consequences of conflict in organisations? Explain the four processes of Social Learning Theory. Chanchal Das Gupta is a recruitment specialist. For the post of QC Manager, she interviews three candidates.

Given below are the physical characteristics of the candidates. Candidate Physical Characteristics Mr. Ravi Muscular, thick skin, rectangular shaped.

Gineesh Thin, delicate build, large brain, tall. Ramgopal Soft, round shaped, underdeveloped muscles.

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From the above descriptions, what personality traits can Ms. List the importance of effective communication in the workplace Q2. Explain the different aspects of non-verbal communication Q3. Write short notes on a Upward communication b Downward communication c Horizontal communication Q4. Explain the different barriers to listening.

List the differences between discriminative listening and comprehension listening Q5. Discuss the principles of business writing Q6. Explain the advantages of oral communication with the help of suitable example. List the differences between extensive reading and intensive reading Q2.

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Explain the different advantages and disadvantages of intranet. List the different principles of business letter writing. Write short notes on a corporate identity advertising b institutional advertising Q5.

Discuss the different types of business reports Q6. B Assignment Set - 1 60 Marks Note:The human resource management program seeks students who have strong leadership ability or show the potential for strong leadership ability in order to be successful strategic business partners in .

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Human Resources Management Are you a business owner? Use these human resources management and planning tips to recruit, retain and fire, train and motivate employees. Jun 26,  · An efficiently run human resources department can provide your organization with structure and the ability to meet business needs through managing your company's most valuable resources -- its.

Human Resources for Health is ready to receive manuscripts on all aspects concerning the information, planning, production, management and governance of human resources for health - particularly those of international relevance.

MB – Human Resource Management Set. External sourcing Planning for new skills through training existing staff vs.2 • • • • Hire internally vs. hiring new teams In case of surpluses. planning for redeployment/ reduction in workforce as required Succession planning .

1 mbhuman resource management rolls no: xxxxxxxxx bkid – b 1. DEFINITION OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human resources can be defined as “The set of individuals who make up theworkforceof an organization, business sectoror aneconomy.

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