Hazardous materials business plan los angeles

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Hazardous materials business plan los angeles

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History[ edit ] Geology and site selection[ edit ] In the United States Atomic Energy Commission later merged into the Department of Energy proposed a site in Lyons, Kansas for the isolation and storage of radioactive waste. Ultimately the Lyons site was deemed unusable due to local and regional opposition, and in particular the discovery of unmapped oil and gas wells located in the area.

These wells were believed to potentially compromise the ability of the planned facility to contain nuclear waste. It contains a 1, meter thick column of sedimentary rock that includes some of the most oil- and gas-rich rocks in the United States.

Over time the salt beds were covered by an additional meters of soil and rock. Some observers suggested, early in the investigations, that the geological complexity of the basin was problematic, causing the hollowed-out caverns to be unstable.

As early as the National Academy of Sciences recommended salt for radioactive waste disposal because at depth it would plastically deform, a motion called "salt creep" in the salt-mining industry. This would gradually fill in and seal any openings created by the mining, and in and around the waste.

Brine deposits located below the salt deposits in the Delaware Basin posed a potential safety problem. The brine was first discovered when a drilling released a pressurized deposit of the liquid from below the repository level.

The brine could leak into the repository and either dissolve radioactivity or entrain particulate matter with radioactive waste to the surface.

hazardous materials business plan los angeles

The contaminated brine would then need to be cleaned and properly disposed of. There is no drinking water near the site, so possible water pollution is not a concern. After multiple deep drilling, a final site was selected. The stewardship this group provided effectively lowered public fear[ citation needed ] and let the facility progress with little public opposition in comparison to similar facilities around the nation such as Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

The EEG, in addition to acting as a check for the government agencies overseeing the project, acted as a valuable advisor. In a drilling, pressurized brine was again discovered.

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The site was set to be abandoned when the EEG stepped in and suggested a series of tests on the brine and the surrounding area. These tests were conducted and the results showed that the brine deposit was relatively small and was isolated from other deposits.

Drilling in the area was deemed safe due to these results. This saved the project valuable money and time by preventing a drastic relocation. Transuranic waste often consists of materials which have come in contact with radioactive substances such as plutonium and uranium.

This often includes gloves, tools, rags, and assorted machinery often used in the production of nuclear fuel and weapons. The proposed testing procedures involved interring samples of low level waste in the newly constructed caverns. Various structural and environmental tests would then be performed on the facility to verify its integrity and to prove its ability to safely contain nuclear waste.

Originally conceptualized in the s as a warehouse for waste, the repository now had regulations similar to those of nuclear reactors. As of Decemberthe plant had been under construction for 20 years and was estimated to have cost over one billion dollars. This indefinitely delayed testing until Congress gave its approval.

The House of Representatives approved the facility on October 6, and the Senate passed a bill allowing the opening of the facility on October 8 of the same year. Bryan fought the bill based on safety issues that concerned a similar facility located in Nevadathe state for which he was serving as senator.

His efforts almost prevented the bill from passing.The Los Angeles River Watershed covers a land area of square miles. The eastern portion spans from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Simi Hills and in the west from the Santa Susana Mountains to the San Gabriel Mountains.

Displays 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, and 72 hours duration and the last 30 days of precipitation data. Map identifies the locations of 62 raingages located throughout Los Angeles County. Welcome to Clean LA -- a County of Los Angeles portal to a number of award-winning programs that help residents, businesses, and government keep the County clean and sustainable.

From the basics of reduce, reuse and recycle, to household hazardous and electronic waste collection events and composting; this site offers information and links to answer your environmental questions: Where do I.

Cleanup crews work on the crude-stained Santa Barbara County coastline at El Capitan State Beach. As many as , gallons of crude oil spilled from a ruptured pipeline owned by Plains All.

We are pleased to announce the adoption of the Bicycle Master Plan by the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors on March 13, The Bicycle Master Plan is now a sub-element of the Transportation Element of the County's General Plan; it replaces the Plan of Bikeways.

Board Reports: Title: Date: BFC - Los Angeles Fire Department Recruit Training Academy Overview: 11/06/ BFC - West Bureau Year In Review Presentation.

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