Cmgt 554 week4

Advancing Sustainable, Profitable Business Growth.

Cmgt 554 week4

Most IT managers are aware of the important role that IT plays in business today. However, some individuals in the business community do not always understand the need for IT involvement in day-to-day operations.

What are the primary functions of IT in business today and how would you explain these roles to a business executive who feels IT is just a support function? What are the major communications protocols in use today and how are they monitored to ensure continuous availability?

Based on the Jones article, what is Industrial Ethernet and how does it affect the overall operation of the network? Why would a company be interested in this technology? Globalization is a major factor in most IT organizations these days, especially large institutions.

Based on the Aird and Sappenfield article, what are some of the main areas that IT should review for the use of outsourcing?

How are these balanced with the areas that are maintained in-house? As a manager, you are responsible for making sure the technology you use meets standards for communication and connectivity. What are some of the standards that you should be using for purchase decisions and why are they important?

Communication is an essential asset of all businesses.

Cmgt 554 week4

However, most non-IT users rarely understand how this communication takes place. How would you use the layers of the OSI model to explain the communication process to these users in a way that is understandable but did not turn them off to the explanation? More businesses are using just-in-time purchases to reduce warehousing costs and ensure an up-to-date inventory.

How does the use of the extranet help with this process? What network issues must be reviewed to make it a success for both the business and the vendor? Most networks today are based on Ethernet technology. Part of this is due to the ease of installation and reduced costs.

However, there are other network technologies still in use. What are they and where and how are they used most prevalently? How would you as the IT manager convince executive management that they should be upgraded?

Give an example from personal experience, research, or through something you read of an Intranet application that improved the way something was done in a company. How did the application improve a particular process? Can you see ways the application can be improved to improve the process even more?

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Many large companies now utilize ERP software to make the organization more efficient. In the Chtioui article, the purpose of the ERP software is outlined.

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CMGT Week 4 DQ 1 (UOP Course) Application software is essential to make workers more efficient as well as maintain company information. However, determining the best software to use is often difficult. cmgt Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Information systems assist Patton-Fuller Community Hospital in setting and accomplishing it goals of improving and collaborating interdepartmentally with management, employees, staff, and customers (Apollo Group, Inc, ).

Phoenix CMGT Week 2 International Plastics Inc. Standards and Protocol Review. There is a common misconception that analog technology is no longer used in the transmission of digital data.

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However analog transmission of data is tra | New Student Of Fortune. CMGT Week 5 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal UoP Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal CMGT Week 5 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal In today’s market you must have a Web presence to compete.

Hospitals are no longer immune to changes brought about by the intenet and web based transactions.

Cmgt 554 week4
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