Case study on acute gastroenteritis

Croup and acute gastroenteritis AGE are two of the most common pediatric illnesses; both are marked by high emergency department utilization and clinical practice variation. We implemented living systematic review LSR methodology to determine up-to-date evidence in these fields and to inform the development of knowledge translation tools for health consumers. To monitor emerging evidence on intervention efficacy for pediatric croup and AGE.

Case study on acute gastroenteritis

Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 7 2. Acute gastroenteritis AGE is one of the frequent causes of hospitalization in children under the age of five, particularly in a rural setting.

This study was conducted to determine the epidemiology of acute gastroenteritis in indigenous children admitted to a rural district hospital in Sarawak.

Cdc case study gastroenteritis

A retrospective review of indigenous paediatrics cases of acute gastroenteritis admitted to the ward of Serian District Hospital, a rural district hospital in Sarawak, between the years Data was entered and analyzed using SPSS version During the study period, indigenous children with acute gastroenteritis were admitted with the highest prevalence in The findings showed higher prevalence was found in children aged 3 years and below The most common treatment used is oral rehydration solutions Peak incidence of admissions was between November to January.

The findings indicated children aged 3 years and below are the most vulnerable to AGE and malnutrition could be one of the predisposing factors.

The peak incidence during the raining season at the end of the year indicated a possible relationship between AGE and seasonal type of virus infection. Prevention in the form of proper hygiene at the household level probably will prove to be useful.Acute diarrhea or gastroenteritis is the passage of loose stools more frequently than what is normal for that individual.

This increased frequency is often associated with stools that are watery or semisolid, abdominal cramps and bloating.

Case study on acute gastroenteritis

Acute blood loss is a secondary type of hypovolemia but is not apparent in this case. Possible fluid loss secondary to septic shock related to gastroenteritis is a possible but less likely cause.

This may be considered if there are still signs of shock even after initial resuscitation. Gastroenteritis Versus Appendicitis: A Case Study on Light of Clinical Assessment, Diagnostic CT Scan and Evidence Based Practice.

International Annals of Medicine.

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The endemic disease incidence and the study of immunity for the gastroenteritis viruses is pediatric well defined, and vaccine development for them must await advances in case of their epidemiology and molecular virology.

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Origin,causes and treatments of gastroenteritis using a case study | Case Study Template