An analysis of the film the miracle worker

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An analysis of the film the miracle worker

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AJ, Bear, and Lev arrive in the second Armadillo just minutes after the first one gets thrown into space by a gas pocket. The world is saved. The world is saved, but New York, Paris and Shanghai need some serious cleaning up.

After Rockhound is selected for the mission, we see him receiving a huge amount of cash from a loan shark. The real payoff comes at the end, though, when Miss Mounds who is well-named greets Rockhound as he comes off the shuttle.

Presumably though, he could make it all back ten times over just doing interviews about the mission, plus whatever actual paycheck the US gov would comp them with afterward.

Not to mention the fact that part of the compensation for the mission was the roughnecks never paying Taxes again. And the fact that when we get to see the wedding of Grace and AJ, Rockhound is alive and well and Molly is beside him in the pew.

So at least one scenario preventing the loan shark from taking revenge actually played out.

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Goes for some of the roughnecks, but especially Rockhound and Lev. The former is a genius geologist who has a double doctorate from MIT at 22, and the latter despite his Cloudcuckoolander behaviour is a professional cosmonaut who repeatedly saves the entire crew and mission.

Several of the "pebbles" hit a space shuttle and makes it explode, killing the people on board. Calling Parents by Their Name: Pulp Fiction is mentioned by name and the woodchipper scene in Fargo is referenced. Steve Buscemi starred in Fargo, in which his character is shoved into a woodchipper - by Peter Stormare, no less - while he and Bruce Willis appear in Pulp Fiction.

Lev and then some. Rockhound to a lesser extent. Really big effing meteor. Interesting to note how similar the thing looks to the Asteroid Axis from the Trope Namer. The X prototypes Independence and Freedom definitely count as militarized Space Shuttles with a lot more speed, agility and endurance than their real-life counterparts.

Cruel and Unusual Death: He is blown into outer space while inside the Armadillo, and where as every other character death in the movie was killed pretty much instantly, he will die slowly and be aware and alone. Davis and Tucker, who are sucked into the void of space when the Independence is ripped to shreds by debris.

Dare to Be Badass: None of you has to go. We can all just sit here on Earth, and wait for this big rock to crash into it, killing everything and everyone we know. The United States government just asked us to save the world.

Miracle Cure Organic Germanium by Dr Asai

Anyone gonna say no? Civil Defense sirens blare, families head for their shelters, large groups of people pray, the media ends their broadcasting for the last time, and as one British reporter states: It is time to embrace the horror.

An analysis of the film the miracle worker

Look, we got front row tickets to the end of the Earth! Day of the Jackboot: This signifies the takeover of militaristic bureaucratic thinking in opposition to the innovative experts at NASA and on the asteroid drilling team. This is more in retrospect since Owen Wilson is a much bigger star now than he was inbut Oscar dies during the crash-landing on the asteroid.

Sharp stops him since that might set it off and he has orders to deploy it. One short fight and Rousing Speech later, Sharp disarms it properly. Suffice to say actively propelling two chunks of several hundred mile-across asteroid rapidly away from each other is going to require a hell of a lot more firepower than you can fit in one nuclear warhead.

In Real Lifethis scenario of a very large, undiscovered asteroid appearing a few weeks before impact means we die, with no possible way of avoiding the catastrophe. Even more insane is the "backup plan" where the nuke will be detonated on the surface.

Lampshaded by earlier discussion that this would be entirely ineffective but still done anyway because of some "Presidential Scientific Advisors" who apparently failed Physics And, in the words of Roger Ebert: What if a piece the size of Dallas is left?

What about a piece the size of Austin? Even an object the size of that big Wal-Mart outside Abilene would pretty much clean us out, if you count the parking lot.Sullivan's Travels () is generally considered one of celebrated writer/director Preston Sturges' greatest dramatic comedies - and a satirical statement of his own director's creed.

One of his more interesting and intelligent films from a repertoire of about twelve films in his entire career. Outline of Döblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz. Page references are to Eugene Jolas's circa English translation of the novel, initially published as Alexanderplatz, Berlin; the edition used here is from Frederick Ungar Publishing Co.,New York (sixth printing, ).

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If you're looking for the J.G. Ballard novel which inspired a completely different film, go not, read on. Crash debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival.

It saw general release the next year and was the Academy Award winner for Best Picture of This ensemble piece directed by Paul Haggis addresses racism affecting the lives of several Los Angelenos as they intersect.

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